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    Type of marketing research to gauge customer response

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    Julie Hogan is JavaJoy's National Sales Manager, and is in the process of rolling out JavaJoy's first non-coffee brewing system - a tea brewer. While the sales channels are the same as for the coffee brewing equipment, the end users (tea drinkers) are certainly different. Julie is desperate to know how the new product is being received because she needs to give the manufacturing department a production forecast for the coming quarter - and the forecast is due in two weeks!

    Assuming you have some time to work on this project, what information can you develop for Julie in the time frame available?

    Describe a type of marketing research she can use to gauge the consumer's response to the tea brewer. Include the information that could be obtained. In your final paragraph, discuss your thoughts on the accuracy of whatever information you are able to gather in two weeks.

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    Type of marketing research

    Our focus will be on identifying customer needs to offer right kind non-coffee brewing system. One of the most important elements in creating a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back and it also leads to word of mouth advertising. Customer service which is "the behaviors and attitudes of a company and its personnel toward customers, during all interaction and communication with them" (Swartzlander, 2004, p. 1) is the heart of an organization. Today's consumers are becoming more price conscious, technologically advanced, demanding and convenience driven. Thus, the key for success in today's tumultuous marketplace is exceptional customer service as this allows an organization to prosper in this highly competitive marketplace. (Kotler, 2003) Thus the organization's objectives are to ensure it process quality products, that the customer is satisfied, and that it keeps the price at a level that is comfortable for the consumer.

    Thus it should focus on the following aspects:
    First, customers should be provided a voice within the organization as this will provide them a feeling of value and loyalty to the organization. This should include both survey and interviews of their wants, needs and how their experience was with the services of the organization. After all, this can used to increase the service within the organization.

    Second is through researching the competition within the marketplace. As one can learn what aspects are being offered within the market that would increase the level of satisfaction.

    Third, every individual is unique and should be treated that in that manner. They should not be grouped into categories as this will decrease the feeling of value that they receive which can ultimately lead to defection to another ...

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