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Customer service to all organizations

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The importance of customer service to all organizations. How do you see the customers service jobs developing in the US in the next five years?

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One of the most important elements in creating a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers that keep coming back. Satisfied customers recommend your product or service to family, friends, and associates. This can be achieved by the customer driven quality.

Thus customer service jobs will be very important in next five years. The jobs will include following elements:
Customer service which is "the behaviors and attitudes of a company and its personnel toward customers, during all interaction and communication with them" (Swartzlander, 2004, p. 1) is the heart of an organization. As today's consumers are becoming more price conscious, technologically advanced, demanding and convenience driven. Thus, the key for success in today's tumultuous marketplace is exceptional customer service as this allow an organization to prosper in this highly competitive marketplace. (Kotler, 2003) Thus the organization's objectives are to ensure it process quality products, that the customer is satisfied, and that it keeps the price at a level that is comfortable for the consumer.

The best type of customer service is one that is customer-oriented, flexible, and cost-effective. Customer service strategies should be designed with the customer in mind. Policies that seem reasonable from a business perspective may not be so for the customer. Policies and procedures must be manageable and actually work.
Companies must constantly analyze their policies and procedures to ascertain whether they are still working. A process that once worked may not work any longer. Customers' desires, needs, and expectations are always changing, and the company's customer service must change as well. A Company must blueprint their current strategy to see if it is the best type of customer service possible. They must create customers' experiences that differentiate the company and create loyalty. Ask ...

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This solution explains how customer service jobs may evolve and develop in the future.

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