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    Customer Service and Technologies

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    I am looking for Internet for sites that deal with customer service and the technologies used to deliver quality customer service. Also, look for Websites and organizations that focus on technology and people involved in the delivery of customer service. Please describe how these technologies have contributed to improving customer relations. If you feel the technologies have not contributed to improved customer relations, then describe what could be done to make the technology more useful.

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    First of all an organization should treat all of its customers in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner, behave polite, courteous and fair in its dealings with them, respects their right to privacy, protects their personal information and does not disclose it to other individuals if it's not permitted by law. While using technological advancements to deliver better customer service, the organization should first focus on supplying up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information and ensure that the potential offered by information technology is simple and useful. Today young customers generally seek faster and enhanced supplies of information from technology and emphasize the internet while older customers prefer accessibility and security and make ...

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