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Marketing Strategy and Customer Rentention

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Hello, I need help developing response to the following:

1. How do organizations leverage partnerships and alliances when developing a marketing product, distribution, promotion, and price strategy?

2. Provide an example with a APA reference an (example) organization that promotes customer retention. What are some specific improvements that can be made to increase customer retention for a specific product or service?

3. What product, distribution, promotion, and price strategies do most organization use to identify and target particular market segments? How effective are these strategies in meeting the needs of particular market segments?

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1. Organizations leverage partnerships and alliances with developing and marketing products by partnering and allying himself with organizations that have the greatest ability to help to promote a given product to the general public. Organizations also partner and ally himself with organizations with a large distribution scope and scale, which will ensure that product can reach as many customers and potential customers as possible. Organizations partner and ally themselves with those organizations that have promoted their own products well in the past, and can be helpful when ...