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Strategic Choice and Evaluation for Barnes and Noble

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Hi, I need assistance generating ideas to construct a paper, of no more than 1,400 words, that evaluates the alternatives that the organization I have chosen (Barnes and Noble), must consider to realize growth. I also need to identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand strategy for the organization and recommend a strategy or combination of strategies that the organization should implement.

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Greetings, in business, the strategic goal is consistency to bringing forth a product or service that is within the current trends of the targeted consumer audience. Therefore, the value disciplines entails how companies, such as, Barnes and Noble operate based on excellence, product leadership, and customer intimacy. By focusing on a particular value discipline that the company has the means for acting upon, a stronger strategic approach that will offers market growth will be developed.

Let's take a look at some strategies that will assist in identifying pathways for Barnes and Noble in reaching their operational growth goals:

The Best Discipline:
Barnes and Noble's best discipline is in customer intimacy for sustaining and establishing new relationships with their targeted audience. In choosing the customer intimacy discipline, Barnes and Noble has the means for expanding on future strategic initiatives that continue the brand identity dominance within the marketplace. With a primary value principle of customer intimacy, the bookstore motivation of influence promotes a lasting impression to all stakeholders as the company moves forward on an initiative.

Keep in mind, that customer intimacy provides an opportunity for ...

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Barnes and Noble business strategies for evaluation market position to increasing their brand identity and bran equity longterm growth with targeted consumers.