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    Understanding Marketing

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    I don't understand marketing strategy and tactics. Can you explain?

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    Marketing strategy and marketing tactics
    Do you want to know the fastest way to improve your marketing results regardless of whether the economy is up, down, or in a holding pattern? Devise a better marketing strategy.

    Yes, it really is that simple. Because even an average marketing strategy coupled with good tactics will soundly thrash the best marketing tactics that are driven by a poor marketing strategy.

    Keeping your business in a steady growth cycle really has very little to do with the economy. And smart businesses do well in almost any economy because they adjust their marketing strategy accordingly to keep the sales coming in like clockwork.

    Start Thinking Strategically

    You can think of strategy as the sight on a rifle. If the sight is even slightly out of adjustment, you'll end up wide of the target or you might miss the target altogether. Similarly, strategy is what focuses all your marketing tactics and makes sure you hit the bulls eye.

    The problem is, most people don't know how to think strategically. Even most of the so-called experts who attempt to teach strategy are really teaching tactical marketing.

    For example, a well known marketing guru is currently promoting a series of expensive strategy setting seminars. But every ...