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    Customer Driven Quality- Boeing

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    Customer-Driven Quality -I

    1) Manufacturing--THE ORGANIZATION I NEED IS MANUFACTURING-Boeing company

    1.- Explain the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction within the organization.

    2.- Provide a matrix comparing the commonalities and differences in quality among customer service in another organization in one of the above industries.

    3.- What is the description of customer-driven quality and assess the importance of participatory management as it relates to quality.

    YES I NEED THE MATRIX-i will attach the matrix i have, but needs more information in the manufacturing area

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    Matrix for a manufacturing concern like Boeing:


    1) Like other organizations, The prima facie requirement of quality or the driving force behind quality in a manufacturing concern like Boeing is improved customer satisfaction for securing long term business for the organization as well maintaining profitability and goodwill of the company in the long run.

    2) Total quality management in manufacturing concerns is based upon evaluation against predetermined standards or benchmarks, just like benchmarks in service, government and non-profit organizations in the form of quantitative as well as qualitative metrics.

    3) The focus of improving quality in all the concerns including manufacturing covers all the processes and not just the final product.

    4) Active participation from all the levels of the management as well as the employees is important in all the types of organizations including manufacturing.


    1) In manufacturing concerns, quality improvement process encompasses extensive use of quantitative metrics and scientific principles, which is not visible in an extensive way in other organizations.

    2) Quality improvement ...

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    Customer Driven Quality- Boeing