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    Analysis of journal article of performance management

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    I need some help in analysing a journal article about the Attitudes of Malaysian Teachers (see attached)
    The questions are:
    1. Evaluate the findings of the authors in regards to the attitudes of teachers of different ethnic origins in Malaysia towards an outcome-oriented performance appraisal.

    2. Analyze the relationship between teachers' attitudes toward the system and their job satisfaction and professional commitment.

    3. Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.

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    In the solution, I combined the first two questions to provide a comprehensive list that covers both aspects.

    Question 1&2
    • All populations reported a less favorable attitude toward the New Appraisal Performance System (NAPS) which is in line with the author's original hypothesis.
    • The Chinese population had the least favorable attitude toward the NAPS.
    • The Indian population had the most favorable attitude toward the NAPS.
    • The study found that there was a correlation between the teachers' overall commitment affected their overall attitude toward the NAPS.
    • Teachers who displayed the most positive attitude toward the NAPS also had the highest commitment to teaching.
    • The teachers' confidence in their teaching abilities, teaching styles, and their dedication were linked with their attitudes toward the NAPS.
    • The study revealed that ethnicity had no bearing on the teachers' attitudes toward the NAPS, even though the Chinese population did have the least favorable attitude toward it and the Indian population had the most favorable attitude toward it. There were other indicators that were more strongly linked to the negative attitude related to the NAPS but ethnicity was not one of them.
    • The study also ...

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    An analysis of journal articles of performance management is provided.