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    ADO.NET and Access, Microsoft SQL and Oracle

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    Your company currently has several databases and several database management applications to manage the data, including Access, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle. Your supervisor would like you to develop an application to access and manage all these databases through one Visual Basic program using ADO.NET technology. Investigate ADO.NET and present a summary of how this technology can help in this application. What advantages can you identify? What potential problems might you encounter?

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    Evolution Summary of ADO.NET 2
    The ADO.NET Data Architecture 3
    DataSet 3
    Data Provider 4
    What advantages can you identify? 4
    What potential problems might you encounter? 4

    Evolution Summary of ADO.NET
    ? DAO (data access model), the first data access model, was created for local databases with the built-in Jet engine, which had performance and functionality issues.
    ? RDO (Remote Data Object) and ADO (Active Data Object), the next data access models, were designed for Client Server architectures.
    ? However, ADO took over RDO soon. ADO was a good architecture but as the language changes so is the technology.
    With ADO, all the data is contained in a recordset object, which had problems when implemented on the network and penetrating firewalls. ADO was a connected data access, which means that when a connection to the database is established the connection remains open until the application is closed. Leaving the connection open for ...

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    ADO.NET technology is investigated for developing an application to access and manage databases created using Access, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. A summary of the investigation is presented to show advantages and potential problems of using this technology in this situation.