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What is SQL?

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Tom Ashton started Ashton Manufacturing Inc (AMI) several years ago. The Company has grown quickly from a small operation to the mid-sized organization it is today. AMI has an opportunity to take on an additional customer. This arrangement will allow AMI to grow to a large organization operating nearly 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Recently AMI has been experiencing significant downtime due to a failing software application written for AMI when the company started. This Access database application is responsible for a key manufacturing process.

Mr. Ashton and his investors are concerned the Company can not grow until the technical infrastructure is in place and functioning properly. AMI has limited funds for IT endeavors but has hired your consulting firm seeking advice.


Prepare a summary including your recommendations to repair or replace the application. Support this summary with a research paper which contains the details behind the summary.

Start by researching Microsoft Access and other prominent RDBMS such as MS SQL Server, Oracle and My SQL. Compare and contrast these systems based on key features such as scalability, ease of implementation (development and support), performance, security and price.

Include a discussion on SQL:

What is SQL?
Who owns SQL?
What are some of the differences in the SQL supported by RDBMS vendors?

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In a web development firm database acquires an important place now days. This is why we need to take care of which database we are choosing. In the Ashton Manufacturing Inc one additional customer can enhance their business in every domain but software application failure might cost them a bit more. In this way as the customer will keep on increasing, their small access database will not be able to handle that much amount of data. This is why software application failure will occur very often and database failure will pull their business downwards. Ashton Manufacturing Inc needs a database which will increase its view structure according to the addition of customer and then the database will be able process the queries sent to the database by the users. As Ashton Manufacturing Inc has limited funds for IT endeavors they should go for Oracle database that will eradicate their problem and work 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for any purpose of Ashton Manufacturing Inc.

In case of Ashton Manufacturing Inc as the company database is increasing day to day then it is my opinion to change Ashton Manufacturing Inc database from MS Access to any other RDBMS of larger size because it handles data ...

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