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    Structured Query Language (SQL) Preliminaries

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    1. Discuss what SQL is and its importance.

    2. Name and describe the SQL statements used for data modification.

    3. Compare the join and the SQL subquery.

    4. Name and briefly describe the five SQL built-in functions.

    5. Write the SELECT statement to display all the columns of the STUDENT table but only those rows where the grade column is greater than or equal to 90.

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    1. Discuss what SQL is and its importance.

    SQL is the most important relational data manipulation language in use today. Since there is a version of SQL that can run on almost any computer and operating system, computer systems are able to exchange data by passing SQL requests and responses to one another. SQL commands can be used interactively as a query language, or they can be embedded in application programs. SQL is not a ...

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