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Error Handling: Visual Studio Project

Create a Visual Studio 2005 project with two aspx forms. The form contains a Label control, two TextBox controls, and Button controls labeled "Add," "Subtract," "Multiply," and "Divide." The Label control contains the text, "Enter numbers in the text boxes and then click a button." Use Try...Catch blocks to display an error message if the user tries to divide by zero. Use Validation controls to verify the user entered a number in each TextBox control before clicking a Button control.

Display the appropriate results on the second form when the user clicks a Button control. For example, suppose the user enters 4 and 5 in the initial form and then clicks the "Add" button. The result, "4 + 5 = 9," is displayed on the form. Use different fonts to display the results. If the result is negative, display the answer in Arial font. If the result is zero, display the answer in Verona font. If the result is positive, display the answer in Times New Roman font.

Place the entire project folder in a zip file before submission.

Base the name of your Visual Studio project on your last name. For example, if your last name is Jones, then assign the name, Jones_IP2.

Deliverable Length: A Visual Studio 2005 project with two forms


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Create a Visual Studio 2005 project with two aspx forms.