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    How to eliminate a break statement from a for loop

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    Using the following code as an example, explain how, in general, one can remove the break statement and replace it with "better" code:
    int count; for (count = 1; count <= 10 ; ++count) { if (count == 5) break; // LINE 5 };
    Suppose we replace the line labeled "LINE 5" with a continue statement. How would you replace the early termination code with "better" structured code?

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    There are multiple ways to eliminate the "break" from this loop. The
    purpose of the "break" statement here is to cause the loop to exit
    when the condition "count == 5" is met. ...

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    This solution shows how to remove a break statement from a for loop in two different ways. It also provides a short justification for why we would want to do this.