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    Identifying a Global Leadership Team

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    Draft a policy that identifies the top performers in your company. The CEO does not want to limit the number of candidates, but wants the top 15 percent of the company worldwide slotted for future development in all areas, including line and staff. Your challenge is to come up with a strategy to identify the top talent and be able to communicate it to the entire staff.

    who would be enlisted to identify top talent.

    how you would approach communicating the top talent selection to the entire staff.

    how you would approach selecting top global staff for development.

    Identify information system to track candidates' progress in the organization, pieces of data to track, and with who should have access to the data.

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    Statement of Policy
    This company strives to develop employees who have shown commitment and contribution toward organizational performance.

    Who would be enlisted to identify top talents
    To identify the top talents, the following will be enlisted/tapped:
    1. Human resource manager
    2. Heads of the various functional units such as marketing, finance, and production
    3. Top management

    Approach in communicating the top talent selection to the entire staff
    The entire staff will be informed of the plan regarding the global staff ...

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