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    Linking elements of a proposal

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    A proposal has distinct parts: cover letter, summary, organizational statement and background, assessment and needs statement, program design and timeline, goals and objectives, program evaluation, and budget.

    While these are all separate areas that must be addressed in the proposal, the proposal should also have a narrative flow. How do you link all these parts together?

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    In terms of linking all of the parts together, you need to start out with a title that grabs the reviewer's attention because they will see a lot of proposals, and you will want yours to stick out. Then, the cover letter needs to introduce what your proposal is about and why it should be funded. As you move into the proposal, everything needs to be grounded in two things: 1. why your proposal or idea is different than anything else out there, but still needed. 2. Literature to support your ideas and the need for funding. You will need to find solid research that says there is not a program like the one you are ...