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Supply Chain Management for Kraft Foods

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Need help writing a paper involving the requirments, technology, benefits, advantages and disadvantages, implementation consideration, and cost for an idustry that uses supply chain for its core business.

The industry I selected is Kraft Foods.

Please make sure to include any refernces used.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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// Supply chain describes the set of activities that are used to convert natural resources, raw materials and components into the finished product, which is rendered to the end consumer. To explain more about supply chain, a description is given with reference to Kraft Foods//

Supply Chain

Supply chain comprises of the system related with the organizations, people, technology, information and resources that are necessary for moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Industry that wants to incorporate supply chain for its core business seeks for numerous requirements. Some of the requirements for Kraft Foods for using supply chain in its core business include (KRAFT Awarded 2003 Circle of Excellence Award, 2005):

Ø First, it is necessary for Kraft Food to observe that every supplier realizes the delivery, shipping and requirements of supply chain for the customers.

Ø It is also required for the Kraft Food to make most competent utilization of resources, along with the distribution capacity, inventory and labor force

Ø It should also be noted by the company that while using the supply chain in its core business, it makes appropriate use of methods, systems and leadership that can contribute towards an improvement in the integrated processes related to the products and services, sales forecasting, purchasing, inventory management, production/ manufacturing, order management etc of the organization.

Ø Another requirement is to establish a liaison with suppliers so that the bottlenecks can be eliminated.

Ø Kraft Foods must do sourcing in a strategic manner so that it can establish equilibrium between lowest material cost and transportation and also it can optimize manufacturing flow through the implementation of Just in Time (JIT) techniques.

Ø Another significant requirement for the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1060 words with references.