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    Kraft Foods Resources

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    Resources are the inputs into a production process. They can be capital, equipment, patents, skill sets of individual employees and/or managers, financial resources, etc. Resources can be tangible or intangible. Individually, they may not necessarily lead to a competitive advantage - it is how they are used and the synergies they create that make them strategically valuable. Give me as much information as you can find about the following as it relates to the Kraft Foods Company:

    - Tangible Resources
    1. Physical Resources
    2. Financial Resources
    3. Human Resources
    4. Other?

    - Intangible Resources
    1. Technical Resources
    2. Intellectual Resources
    3. Goodwill
    4. Other (cultural, reputational, strategic alliances)?

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    Kraft Foods Company:
    The physical resources of Kraft are its food processing plants. The machinery, the buildings, and equipment in the factory form an important physical resource of Kraft. For example, the unit at Bradbury is an important physical resource. Further, the trucks, loading equipment, and the warehouses form an important physical resource of Kraft. In addition, the offices of Kraft are an important physical resource. For example, the head office at Chicago, Illinois is an important physical resource.

    Financial resources: Kraft Foods has considerable financial resources. Its total assets according to 2012 figures are $23.3 billion, its free cash flow is $2.5 billion, and its net income is $1.6 billion. This means Kraft has formidable financial resources.

    Human Resources: The Company believes in harnessing ...

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