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Adopting and installing a new information technology system

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What are three of the primary obstacles encountered by the management team in adopting and installing a new information technology system? How might these obstacles be overcome? How might information technology systems be used in operations management to improve the business process?

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Adopting and Installing a New Information Technology System
Information technology is the main form of Management that plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of the business operations of any company, so this should be considered, while thinking about the competitive advantage (Jawadekar, 2002). In the present era information technology systems are becoming complex so it requires a proper monitoring and control so that real business value can be delivered with these systems (Dehning & Stratopoulos, 2003). Some important obstacles at the time of adopting and implementing new IT system are as follow:
 Technological complication: Recently the technology has become very much complicated. Adoption and implementation of new system will lead utilization of significant technologies in the organization. Lack of technology experience among all the employees is one of the main obstacles in the ...

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