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Why IT Projects Fail

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Numerous research findings indicate that approximately 80% of IT projects are considered failures - i.e., late, over-budget, fail to deliver required functionality, and so forth. What do you envision are the primary contributors to this dismal record of performance?

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This solution discusses the most common reasons why IT projects fail.

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I believe that there are several reasons that information technology (IT) projects fail. First, and foremost, most system users do not know enough about IT to accurately and completely specify their system needs and limitations. They know what they need and want operationally, but cannot translate those specifications into technical requirements. They then become frustrated when the system can not do what they need it to do (e.g., "I told them I need the system to prepare payroll but the system can't differentiate exempt from non-exempt employees when I enter overtime hours") and the customer incurs ...

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