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    Reasons for IT Project Failures

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    Statistics show that most projects fail for some reason or other. What are the major 5 reasons for IT project failures?

    Be very specific when you identify the reasons for failure. Make sure that you justify your reasoning; indicate your source of information (observation, own experience, studies done by others, etc.).

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    Why IT projects fails?

    It is not so simple so point out reasons why IT Projects fail. The success or failure of a IT projects depends on many factors that are in control and some are not.

    1. Lack of planning:
    First and foremost reason is lack of proper planning. Yes indeed failure to plan is plan to fail. Many projects starts off with lot expectations and but finally scrapped due to lack of planning in design, development and deployment stages.
    Improper estimate of project times always leads more pressure on designer, developers and other IT staff.
    All of sudden there comes dead line and manger put pressure on team leads and follows on developers. all of odds products comes out with many flaws and mis ...

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    Reasons for IT Project Failures are proposed.