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Why do some project teams fail?

I have not been on a team where we failed. I need examples of why a team would failed at a project and why it was unsuccesful.

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A common example of a team that failed is one where a deadline for a project completion or a product completion was missed resulting in a poor customer service experience and costly rework. If ABC Company orders a new security system and they desire that it be in place prior to the grand opening of a new location, it is important that these delivery dates are met. If the project team does not finish the design and manufacturing of this order on time it will result in an undesirable client experience.

Most project failures are unnecessary and avoidable. Common to nearly all such failures is the absence of good planning, preparation, and communication among team members. Assuming material resources and financials are already in place, to avoid missteps and achieve ...

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More and More business is done today by project teams. Some teams are very successful and others fail miserably. The solution discusses the most likely reasons a project team might fail.