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Collaborating on Project Success

Article Review: Submit a critique of an article of your choice relating to Project Management in Business.

I found an interesting article from this website http://dmreview.com/editorial/newsletter_article.cfm?nl=dmdirect&articleId=6338

However, can you suggest another article that you feel is more suited for this, along with a critique. Thank you.
The other article is The article is http://www.softwaremag.com/archive/2001feb/CollaborativeMgt.html and this is on collaborating for success in project management.

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The article is http://www.softwaremag.com/archive/2001feb/CollaborativeMgt.html
The first part of the article only:

? The article "Collaborating on Project Success" is a project management article that emphasizes the importance of collaboration in e- business project success. The article first documents the statistics that show how IT management has become more successful currently. The author quotes a West Yarmouth based research firm, The Standish Group as an authority on the optimistic outlook for e-business project management. The reasons for success are many, including lower cost, better technology, highly trained personnel and well-written projects. However, what the author want to stress on are the elements of collaboration that lead to success. The author even accepts the classification of project progress given by the Standish Group ...

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The article is about collaborative success in project management. The critique point out the issues that are important for collaborative success in project management.