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Conflict Resolution Style

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What style do you typically use to deal with conflict? Summarize this style, and give an example when you used this specific style to deal with a conflict situation.

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I would say that, in my own life, I try to use either a compromising or collaborating conflict negotiation style.

Compromising -
• This is "an approach to conflict in which people gain and give in a series of tradeoffs" (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010, para 4).
• This style is not always satisfactory to both parties as both parties will give up something to accommodate the other.
• It is a conflict style that values keeping relationships intact and attempting to negotiation conflict in a civilized manner while still remaining strong on the points that are important to each party.
• There is often a ...

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A discussion regarding conflict resolution styles and a personal account of which style is typically used in a conflict. Examples are also given regarding using a specific conflict resolution style. 374 words, 1 reference.