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    CIOs, Social Analytics, Trade-offs in Project Plan

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    What advantages does a CIO bring to a business? What might be two disadvantages of having a CIO? What are the trade-offs between cost, quality, and time when designing a project plan? What criteria would managers use to manage this trade-off? How do social analytics aid an organization?

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    A capable CIO must manage all the technology for a company. An advantage to having a CIO is that a company is able to influence different decisions in the company through the knowledge of how information is handled and processed. This is also helpful in helping to create and reinforce a company's overall strategy, especially sense technology and information is so pervasive in decision making. CIO's understand both internal and external customers so they are well positioned to generate and develop new ideas for the organization. CIO's can also contribute deep information regarding technology. A CIO helps to centralize information and technology operations. This can also serve as a disadvantage should a company be decentralized, in which case a CIO would need to be familiar with each separate division. ...

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    This solution discusses benefits of having a Chief Information Officer, and well as disadvantages. It includes the tradeoffs between cost, quality, and time when designing project plan, and how managers can manage tradeoff. It also discusses how social analytics help organization. APA formatted references are included.