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Influences of Organizational Size, Technology and Strategy

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1. Discuss the influences of organizational size, technology, and strategy on organizational structure?
2. How do self directed work teams differ from conventional terms?
3. Matrix structure requires more coordination than functional or pure divisional structures. Explain this issue?

4. Discuss the difference (advantages and disadvantages) between departmental team and communities of practice team in relation to Team environment, team tasks, team size and composition, and team processes?

5. These days many organizations (with global economical crisis) are moving away from geographic divisional structures?
6. From your opinion students prefer an instructor who is more people-oriented or task-oriented? Explain your preference.
7. Discuss the limitations of transformational leadership, especially when counts as the most popular perspective of leadership?
8. Discuss the influence of culture on perceptions of effective leaders?
9. Explain the four communication strategies in organizational hierarchies?
10. Describe the characteristics of employees and the workplace that support creativity?

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The solution examines influences of organizational size, technology and strategy. How directed work teams differ from conventional terms are determined.