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Organizational negotiation process

1. Determine and discuss the stakeholders in the organizational negotiation process?

2. Analyze and discuss the impact of ethics and culture in organizational negotiations?

3. Apply and discuss appropriate negotiation strategies to support organizational goals?

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//This paper talks about the stakeholders in an Organizational Negotiation Process and the effect of the Ethics and Culture in negotiations and the strategies needed to support the goals of an Organization. Before discussing about the stakeholders in an Organizational negotiation process, we need to talk about the meaning of 'negotiation'. It has been explained below, for example: //

Organizational negotiation process

Negotiation process is defined as process in which two or more parties (individual or groups) attempt to reach an agreement on an issue, on which they have conflict of interest between them (Maiese, 2003). In the negotiation process various stakeholders are involved. The stakeholders are those groups/ parties, who are directly or indirectly effected from the agreement in order to sort out the solution to their problem. This problem exists only when there are differences in the interest between the groups. Suppose, an organization wants to bring new technology in the specified project, the point of indifference in this project is the technology. The group of stakeholders involve in this new project who attempt to agree on that point of indifference includes management team, workers, experts, facilitator as well as the supporting group,

Þ Management Team: In this project, management team plays a crucial role. They want to manage the team effectively so that new technology ...

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