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Negotiation for salary or job

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I need help writing a paper on a negotiation about salary or job that articulates negotiation goals, negotiation strategy and expectations prior to the negotiation. Basic principals of negotiation must be described and referenced as to how they were utilized in the negotiation. Evaluation of the paper will not be based on success but how the key issues and concepts of Negotiations were used and how to become a more effective negotiator.

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Negotiation refers to bargain for individual or collective advantage to satisfy various issues or disputes through an agreement (French, 1987). Negotiation process is defined as process in which two or more parties (individual or groups) attempt to reach an agreement on an issue, on which they have conflict of interest between them (Maiese, 2003). In the negotiation process various stakeholders are involved. The stakeholders are those groups/ parties, who are directly or indirectly effected from the agreement in order to sort out the solution to their problem (Halloran & Jack, 1998). This problem exit only when there are differences in the interest between the groups.
The process of negotiation is easy way to get the success in the organizational goals (French, 1987). The employer and employees can use the various strategies of negotiation to reach at a specific conclusion (Lax & Sebenius, 1986). The various negotiation strategies are adapted to support the organizational goals include low risk negotiation strategies, high risk negotiation strategies, communication, focus on mutual gain, etc. (Halloran & Jack, 1998). The appropriate strategies are as follows to resolve the issues and problems of salary of job negations are as follow:
Low risk negotiation strategy: This strategy mainly focuses on the short term relationship and less risk in the work environment. The various techniques used under this strategy include:
 Compliment: In this technique, the criterion is set for every disputant on the basis of their interest, age, cultural factors and so on to keep the working environment free from the interest's disputes (French, 1987).
 Consider each and every point: The experts and supporting team must have to addressing each factor of the differences and then sort out the solution. This technique builds the confidence and trust between the disputants and negotiation team (Halloran & Jack, 1998).
High risk negotiation strategy: This strategy includes high level of risk and long term relationship. It includes:
 Waiting for the results: In this technique after applying all the plans to sort out the solution, a reasonable offer is provide to both parties with no choice (Halloran & Jack, 1998).
 Boulwarism: In this strategy, everyone is free to express their anger and free to accept or leave it (Luthans, 1998).
Communication: Communication is the basic strategies which leads the process of negotiation. Without communication no two parties can complete this process (French, 1987). There should be an effective communication process between both the parties. The listening and hearing abilities of both parties should very strong and effective (Halloran & Jack, 1998). It is necessary that the person have good command on communication to express their feelings and emotions to make the negotiation process more effective and approachable (Doye, Love & Hyer, n.d).
Focus on Mutual Gain: Another important strategy of negotiation process is to gain mutual profit for both the parties. In this process, the parties should be shared their interests, so that they can make the negotiation process smoother and peaceable (Doye, Love & Hyer, n.d).
Negotiation Process
It is an elementary method of alternative dispute resolution. Negotiation can take place in personal situations, legal proceedings, nonprofit organizations and business. The person who works in negotiation process is called negotiator (Halloran & Jack, 1998).
Negotiation process ...

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