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Salary Negotiation Letter

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How can you negotiate your salalry and other items of a job offer package professionally? How can you negotiate it in a way that would more likely bring you the changes you are after in the offer? How can you support your requested modifications?

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In developing a salary negotiation letter, it is advised that you follow the below tips:
Introductory Paragraph:
1. Acknowledge receiving the offer and how you felt about being offered that offer
Ex. I'm pleased and honored to receive this offer from (name of the company) for the position of (position).
2. Stress your strongest qualification that the company would benefit from
Ex. I am positive that the 7 years of experience working in a similar position and my recently gained certificate from (name of institute) will be of ...

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This document presents a generic format, supported with illustrative examples, of a salary negotiation letter. The purpose of this document is to help you write a professional letter negotiating the package offered to you. The document also helps you, through a lot of examples, have a feel of the language you should be using in such a letter. Meanwhile, it helps you draft a letter that would not seem scripted or copied from web resources.

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