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    Salary Negotiation

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    Please help me answer and understand the below scenrio:

    Imagine that a job applicant has been offered a job as an HR officer at Z-firm. Both sides( the applicant and the hiring manager)need to negotiate the starting salary. Statistical data indicates that HR officer starting salaries are around $40,000. Z-firm, however, is highly respected in its industry and receives many job applications from all over the country. That is why the applicant has decided not to state an exact salary level, but to negotiate it.

    Role-play the negotiation as if both sides (the applicant and the hiring manager) were pursuing distributive (win-lose) negotiation. Then, switch roles and role-play the negotiation as if both sides were pursuing integrative (win-win) negotiation. Each role should consider how best to apply power and influence principles to accomplish their side's negotiation goals.

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    Hiring Manager: What salary do you expect?
    Applicant: I expect at least $50,000 annually.
    Hiring Manager: We don't pay more than $30,000 for the position of HR Officer. You know we have many applicants.
    Applicant: That is too low; no qualified person will work for that salary. Your company will get a poor reputation if you offer so little.
    Hiring Manager: Our reputation? We have such a reputation that even managers in other companies are willing to leave their jobs to work for us. They are willing to work for half their salaries. Working for us really looks good on their resume.
    Applicant: If you offer me $30,000, I will continue with my old job.
    Hiring Manager: We ...

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