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    Six Basic Steps in Negotiation

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    Think about a real-life situation where you need to negotiate. Describe this process. Please illustrate how the 6 basic steps in negotiation could help you structure your negotiation.

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    The real life situation where I needed to negotiate was my salary, when I changed my job. The present employer offered me a position of production manager with an annual salary of $55,000. I wanted to negotiate a higher salary because the salary in the engineering production industry for a production manager is higher.

    The six steps for negotiating are:
    1. Set the scene. Control the opening, outline your expectations and condition the expectations of your opponent.
    2. Explore possibilities. Understand your opponent, his or her limits and his or her willingness to move.
    3. Influence. Use logic and information to support your position.
    4. Reposition. Trade concessions.
    5. Finalize ...

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