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    Salary Negotiation Scenarios

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    Write an 800 word essay I need assistance with developing the scenarios not the essay itself. Needed is a 250 word scenarios showing how I would negotiate a salary in Management Consulting utilizing the techniques described in the articles.

    The U.S. State Department gives its employees many helpful tips for negotiating an industry-standard salary. In this assessment, read and analyze those tips and then demonstrate that you can use one or more of them in a scenario of your own creation.
    Write a paper with a length of 800 words minimum that meets the following guidelines:
    Choose at least two of the techniques described in the U.S. State Department article "Negotiating a Salary Package" and describe them in your own words.
    Write a 250-word scenario that shows how you would use two or more of these techniques to negotiate an industry-standard salary for a job for which you might likely interview. The scenario should:
    Be creative
    Set the scene
    Describe how you would approach the employer
    Show how you would use these salary negotiation techniques to get what you want
    Include an APA title page as well as spell check and proofread your work.
    Attachments see below.

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    Scenario #1:
    During an interview with Management Consulting, I was asked what my salary preferences were for the position, if I were to be the selected candidate. My reply was that I had actually done extensive research about the position in the job market and found that the range was too wide depending upon a variety of factors such as type of industry, experience, education, etc. However, I informed the interviewer that if I were to be the selected candidate and once the time comes to discuss an actual salary, we could reach an agreement then. The interviewer then stated that it was their company policy to not continue any candidates in the selection process if they did not disclose their salary requirements. I responded that I ...

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    Salary negotiation scenarios are examined. Two scenarios are examined.