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    Negotiation Strategy:

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    The organization will focus on developing a sophisticated online web portal infrastructure to support and improve quality service nationally. The progress will be monitor through submission of data, information sharing and monitoring quality improvement enterprises. The main objective of the team members is the designing the organization portal layout, interface style, menus, and on-line help. The functionality work comprises the identification of portal content with definition of information access requirement. The team members will be coordinating the identification, adoption; expansion and portal customization channel.

    Negotiation Strategy & Plan
    Identify at least 5 potential situations or risk areas where negotiation may be required.
    Identify some of the negotiation techniques that could prove to be useful for each of these risk areas. Explain why.
    Identify the steps including preparation for and closure at the end of the negotiation process.
    Identify who will have the final decision-making authority in the negotiation session.
    Use a diagram to depict the entire negotiation process flow.

    Please provide references and in text citation.

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    Step 1
    The five potential situations or risk areas where negotiation may be required are enhancing on-screen display with consistent buttons and fonts. The second situation is including padded block links so that the website has greater usability. The third situation is insisting that long pages be split into slideshows. The fourth situation is that pages of on-line help should be printable. The fifth situation is that a third party search script should be added to the online help so that the help is searchable.

    Step 2
    Negotiation techniques appropriate for having consistent button/fonts and having padded block links is distributive negotiation. ...

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