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Miami Heat: Role of General Manager, Pat Riley, Strategy, Protocol

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Using the case study from "A Power Play for Horward, in Many Acts", October 27, 1996, by Bill Brubaker and Mark Asher.

Power play for Howard

Role of General Manager Miami Heat: Pat Riley

Using the negotiation check list, prepare an outline in which you present your team's negotiation plan.

I need help with these questions from the standpoint of Pat Riley:

1) Who are the opposing negotiators and what do they want?

2) What overall strategy should Riley select?

3) What protocol needs to be followed in conducting the negotiation?

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Miami Heat: Role of General Manager

Answer 1

In the given case, there is a long and continuous process of negotiation between two parties. In this negotiation plan, some of the persons are in opposition of this negotiation. The main opposing negotiators in the given case are Pollin (The Washington Post) and Mourning. Pollin wants that Howard and his agents do further negotiations with the club after the new agreement of the collective bargaining. Mourning ...

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The solution gives three answers in paragraph form that cover the negotiator's desires, the negotiation strategy and negotiation protocols to be used in the Howard case study cited. 233 words with 2 APA references.