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    Major Negotiation Intervention Strategies

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    What are the five major negotiation intervention strategies? When would you use the different intervention strategies? Why is it important to consider intervention strategies when planning a negotiation?

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    According to Sanders, E. S., there are five negotiation intervention strategies.

    ? Cut-throat negotiation is an approach to negotiation agreements wherein the negotiators assume that dirty tactics will benefit them but the end results of these agreements are usually damaging to long-term relationships. Some negotiators with a strong win-lose attitude do everything they can in order to win the negotiation so they resort to using dirty tactics just to get what they want. However, this kind of agreement can irreparably damage the relationships of the parties concerned.
    ? Conflict management is the more interpersonal, emotional negotiation strategy and it includes training on team building, cultural awareness, assertiveness training, and communication skills. When negotiators are trained with the ...

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    The solution discusses the five major negotiation intervention strategies and when they are used. The importance of intervention strategies when planning a negotiation is also explained. A reference is included.