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    Sources of conflict, negotiating styles & intervention strategies

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    1. Discuss the key sources of conflict in the organizational setting.

    2. Please write some insights on the 5 negotiating styles:

    · Competing.
    · Collaborating.
    · Compromising.
    · Avoiding.
    · Accommodating.

    3. Discuss the five major negotiation intervention strategies
    MCS Means-control strategy: Manager intervenes in the dispute by influencing the process of resolution but does not attempt to dictate or impose a resolution; the final decision is left to the disputants; high on process control but low on outcome control (e.g., mediation, conciliation).

    Or others................?

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    1) There are a number of sources in which can spike conflict in the workplace. These sources include the unclear definition of responsibility ? there will be numerous occasions for conflict to arise over decisions made or actions taken in disputed territory. Limited resources ? time, money, space, materials, supplies, and equipment are all valuable resources. Competition for any of these resources will inevitably lead to interpersonal and interdepartmental conflict. Conflict of interest ? individuals may fight for their personal goals and lose sight of organizational goals. Each individual needs to know how his or her personal goals and efforts fit within the organizational goals and efforts.

    2) Competing is a style in which one's own needs are advocated over the needs of others. It relies on an aggressive style of communication, low regard for future relationships, and the exercise of coercive power. Those using a competitive style tend to seek control over a discussion, in both substance and ground rules. They fear that loss of such control will result in solutions that ...

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    650+ words outlines 5 major negotiation styles and strategies for intervention as well as problems that can arise therein.