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Multiparty Negotiations, Trust/Reputation

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Explain how you would develop an effective negotiating team to work on multiparty negotiations. Outline the actions you would take and explain why these would be effective.

2. Describe an event that would cause damage to the level of trust during negotiation and explain the actions you would take to repair the trust and maintain positive relationships with the negotiating parties.

3. Explain why you think these actions would be effective
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Multiparty Negotiations, Trust/Reputation

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Multiparty Negotiations, Trust/Reputation
Developing an effective team to work on multiparty negotiations is considered as an effective act. There are several ways of developing an effective negotiating team to work on multiparty negotiations. To develop an effective negotiation team, I would first take into account three considerations such as non- agreement consequences, decision making and first agreement objective. Under the non-agreement consequences, the negotiator has to understand the costs and consequences which may occur if the group fails to reach a negotiated agreement. Under decision making, the negotiator has to consider how the group will arrive at making decisions on any and all the agreement components. Under the first agreement objective, the negotiator should think further than obtaining a first agreement such as improving the first agreement (Crump & Glendon, 2003).
In addition, developing an effective negotiations team will require appointing a chairperson who acts as a ...

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Multiparty negotiations for trust and reputations are examined.