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    Managing Multiparty Negotiations

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    Assume you are chairing a multiparty negotiation session and the negotiations are not going well; tempers are flaring, and it seems impossible to arrive at a positive outcome.

    Discuss the process you would employ to diffuse the problem and explain your process. Discuss the expected outcomes of your process and what you would do it your attempts did not work.

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    As a negotiator or facilitator, it is important to keep everyone talking to each other as opposed to yelling at each other. Yelling evokes a myriad of emotions causing people to shut down and become even more enraged. This can further complicate the existing issue making it difficult for parties to come to a sound agreement.

    In attempting to diffuse a situation as such, it may be a good idea to allow all parties to take a break, about thirty minutes to an hour should be sufficient. During the break, an agenda would be prepared, as ...

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