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Cultural Assumptions: problematic

Describe how cultural assumptions of negotiation can be problematic. What suggestions do you have for managing potential problems?

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Issues and conflict arise in negotiations whenever there is not full disclosure and the parties are not on the same page. Often, there is not full disclosure because the parties want to ensure they are able to advance their own interests, and further, do not make themselves particularly vulnerable to an unfavorable deal. Also, power dynamics tend to play a role as well.

However, parties not at all being on the same page with regard to the facilitation of a negotiation may arise when there are distinct cultural differences. As Brett and Gelfand's article suggests on page 193 - 195, non-Western perceptions of conflict are incredibly ...

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Every culture has different societal norms and norms of communications. These extend into the world of business in the context of negotiations. Here, I explain ways in which cultural differences my impact negotiations, and ways in which those in international negotiating situations may potentially address those difference appropriately.