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    competence in counseling with different cultures

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    How does a consultant work with diverse clients in providing agency-based consultation and providing feedback to organizations.
    What are the processes involved in agency-based consultation.
    What are the different ways in which consultants work with the leaders, teams, and individuals in the organization for which they are consulting?
    Discuss ways in which culturally competent consulting can be provided to organizations in place of agency-based consultation.
    Analyze the relationship, practices, and instruments that are common in the behavioral health setting when the agency-based consultation process is used.

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    How consultants work with diverse clients in providing agency-based consultation and providing feedback to organizations.

    Consultants work with diverse clients through the development of cultural competence wherein consultants must possess the capacity to gain understanding of the cultural differences that exist between clients of different backgrounds and ethnicities and acknowledge any assumptions or biases that are held by the consultant. The consultant must be able to ensure that they can address any biases while also teaching the agency how members within their organization can effectively address assumptions and biases associated with working with clients from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. The consultant needs to ensure that the organization establishes a culturally competent program that can empathize with other cultures and understand the differences required for treatment for different cultures and ethnicities. The implementation of the program must be monitored by the consultant and continuously evaluated to ensure that sensitivity is afforded toward the difference languages, cultural nuances, etc. Of the client population.

    The organization needs to be capable of providing training and treatment that is in accordance to the specific values associated with the culture while clients need to be included within the decision-making process. Administrators ...

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    The competence in counseling with different cultures is examined. The processes involved in agency-based consultations are provided.