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    Negotiations and influence of agents and constituencies

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    Part I
    The Negotiators are a popular and successful rock-n-roll band. This year, their contract with the publisher R-n-R Label expires. The Negotiators' members, Jimmy, Tinny, and Janice all believe that they deserve a monetary increase, and if they cannot obtain it, they will not renew their contract with the R-n-R Label. There are differences, however, among the band members: Jimmy wants a 10% increase, Tinny a 15% increase, and Janice a 20% increase. As the band members lack negotiating skills, they decide to hire the firm Agent-town as their negotiator.

    Take on the role as one The Negotiators: either Jimmy, Tinny, and Janice. Consider the influence of agents, constituencies, coalitions, and audiences on negotiations. Please explain your negotiating process.

    Part II
    Bobby Singer's and The Constituencies' contracts with the R-n-R Label also expires this year. To gain strength from the multiparty negotiations, Agent-town contacted Bobby Singer's and The Constituencies' agents (Agentville and Agentopoly). Represent the Agentville Agency.

    How would you accomplish the following:
    The prenegotiation, formal-negotiation, and the agreement stage for the multiparty negotiation
    The strategies used to manage the negotiations
    The role that coalitions played in the negotiations

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    Part I

    I take up the role of Jimmy. I want a monetary increase of 10%.

    The influence of agents is that Agent-town has been hired so that he provides the negotiation skills. The influence that I want from the agent is that she should be able to increase the money by at least 10%. Agent-town has been given the responsibility of negotiation; this means that the agent has the ability to make decisions on your behalf. Agent-town has been formally appointed agent. He has ethical and legal responsibilities towards your group. The moment Agent-town is appointed, his interests come to play and these may be divergent from that of the three band members. In short, the presence of the agent makes it a multi-party negotiation. The expected influence is that the agent will increase the money.
    The influence of the constituents is to increase the money received by The Negotiators. The influence through myself will be to negotiate for a money increase greater than the 10% that I want. The requirement for Tinny is a 15% increase and for Janice is 20% increase. The two constituents want a higher increase in money than what I have asked for. The influence of the coalition among the constituents and the agent will be to increase the money ...

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