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Negotiation Strategy: List of Actions

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Company X is going to expand its information system. To do this, it is going to select and purchase new hardware and software and re-train its employees.
The problem-solving team has been established and has specified hardware, software and staff-training needs.

You all are the members of the team delegated to negotiate with your future suppliers. Write down your negotiation strategy:

Develop a list of actions you might conceivably take if no agreement is reached.

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The solution discusses a negotiation strategy and a list of actions.

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Negotiation is a consultation process that is done with another person or group to reach at a settlement in regard to some conflict. Almost all organizations make use of some or other type of negotiation strategy to resolve their business process related conflicts. It is a practice that assist all of us in resolving our conflict so rather avoiding it all of us should mastered it (Lewicki, Saunders & Minton, 1997). Similar is the case with given Company X that is going to expand its information system. For expanding effectively, company has specified hardware, software and staff-training ...

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