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    Communication, Power, and Ethical Guidelines

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    What actions you would take to address major communication issues in a situation. Explain how these actions would improve the effectiveness of communications during the negotiation.

    Explain how you would use any two sources of power that would be appropriate to move the negotiation to resolution.

    Explain the pros and cons of using each of these power sources. Of the two sources of power, explain which one you think would be the most effective.

    Assume you are the leader of a negotiating team for your company. Your company will be negotiating with Wal-Mart to address Wal-Mart's decision to sell your company, Vlasic, pickles for under three dollars per gallon. Your company is concerned about this because of the impact the low cost leader can have on its brand and price of products in the market place. Develop a set of ethical guidelines for your team to address what you see as significant issues your team might experience. Explain why these guidelines would be effective.

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    Communication, Power, Ethical guidelines
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    Actions to take to address major communication issues in a situation
    In order to be able to address major communication issues in a situation there are various actions that need to be taken. First and foremost is the awareness of the problem. People must be able to perceive that there is a problem in the first place and in doing so is able to set the centre stage for the discussion and negotiation. Being aware of the issues impending communication will be able to improve effectiveness of communication even in negotiations. Another action is arousing interest in the specific identified issue. After getting aware of where issues lie, interest needs to be shown in that particular issue. Knowledge and comprehension on a particular issue is also very important in addressing communication issues since it provides important knowledge necessary for any change to take place and for people to be receptive during communication. Another action is attitude. The attitudes of the communicating parties are very important in determining the people's orientation in accepting and adopting change. Other actions include participatory discussions, mobilization activities and instructional actions (Communication Strategy Design, 2011).
    These actions improve the effectiveness of communication during the negotiation by making it clear the issues that affecting the negotiation process and by arousing interest in these matters. Having knowledge on various factors that affect the negotiation process and comprehending these issues is very important for effective communication in any negotiation process. The attitude of the ...

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