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    Negotiation: Elements, Skills, Bargaining Styles

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    Discuss the following statements then respond to at least two of your fellow students' posts.
    a.Discuss the Five Elements of Negotiations and provide at least one example of how each are used in the negotiation process.
    b.Identify the Five Negotiation Skills needed in order to perform successful negotiations.
    c.Define Rational Choice theory and discuss how it relates to the negotiation process.
    d.Discuss how the Dual-Concern Model and Big Five Personality Dimensions facilitate recognizing bargaining styles and how such styles impact behaviors and strategies in a negotiation. With two or more references.

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    Five Elements of Negotiation
    In a negotiation process, the following are important elements:
    Two or more parties/Interests - Both parties must have their own interests or needs, hopes and concerns to be achieved
    Interdependence - This is the reason or the motivation to negotiate and to reach agreement.
    Flexibility - ability to respond in a strategic way so that misunderstanding is prevented.
    Common goals - Both parties think of the specifics of the negotiation as well as considering their relationship or how they want to be viewed by the other party. The parties may reach a goal such as mutual objectives that come from the negotiation process.
    Decision-making ability - There are at least two parties that make decisions involving judgments and choices in a negotiation process.
    In any negotiation, we will find these elements present.

    Five Negotiation Skills
    Among the important ...

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