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    Negotiator Styles and Bargaining Discussion

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    What are your thoughts on this passage? Do you agree or disagree with statement and why?
    "The notion that a person must be uncooperative, selfish, manipulative, and even abrasive to be successful is wrong. To obtain beneficial negotiation results one need only possess the ability to say "no" forcefully and credibly to convince opponents they must increase their offers if agreements are to be achieved. They can accomplish this objective courteously and quietly, and be as effective as those who do so more demonstrably."

    Carver, C. (2010). Negotiator styles and bargaining. The Negotiation Experts. Retrieved May 25, 2011 fromhttp://www.negotiations.com/articles/negotiation-style/

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    I fully advocate the assertions and implications within this passage. I completely agree with this statement and the notion that a person must exude empathy, compassion, cooperation, and respect in order to achieve successful, peaceful, effective negotiation results. I don't think it is realistic or ...

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    200 words of notes and one reference briefly debate some negotiator styles and bargaining tactics.