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Characteristics of a Negotiation

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1. Using an example, describe the characteristics of a negotiation, and discuss how the issues that are negotiated relate to the negotiating parties interest.
Use one source in APA Style

2. Identify and explain the issues that might constitute the bargaining mix and initial employment negotiation.
Use one source in APA Style

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The example that will be utilized in describing the characteristics of a negotiation will be a boxing prizefight negotiation, which is much more detailed and sophisticated than most people realize. One of the characteristics of this negotiation process is seeking to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing negotiator or negotiators, which is paramount in developing a negotiation strategy that will give a negotiator the greatest probability of being successful in the negotiations process. Another characteristic of a prizefight negotiation is influencing the other party as to the significant effect that their fighter has on drawing the crowd, and therefore increasing the amount of money ...

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