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Conflicts and Negotiations

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Select a conflict you observed recently. Identify and discuss the following:

1. Identify and interpret the characteristics of the negotiation situation.
2. Describe the levels of and functions/dysfunctions of the conflict.
3. Explain the style you would use, or did use, to resolve the interpersonal conflict.
4. Explain the positions taken in negotiation.

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Conflict observed: Boss and employee having differences

1. Identify and interpret the characteristics of the negotiation situation.
a) > Boss did not like the amount of work employee was accomplishing
> Employee did not like that the boss spoke out of turn since he was not a repair tech and knew
nothing of the steps involved to analyze the problems with equipment.

*** Here both are learning what goals need to be reached.

b) > Boss requested that employee list the steps involved in solving a problem.
> Employee agreed and requested a review of each piece ...

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This covers information on what levels there are in conflicts, what positions get taken in negotiations, and what the outcomes should be.

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Sources of conflict, negotiating styles & intervention strategies

1. Discuss the key sources of conflict in the organizational setting.

2. Please write some insights on the 5 negotiating styles:

· Competing.
· Collaborating.
· Compromising.
· Avoiding.
· Accommodating.

3. Discuss the five major negotiation intervention strategies
MCS Means-control strategy: Manager intervenes in the dispute by influencing the process of resolution but does not attempt to dictate or impose a resolution; the final decision is left to the disputants; high on process control but low on outcome control (e.g., mediation, conciliation).

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