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Stakeholders, goals

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Write a paper abut a negotiation.This situation can come from your real life experience or can be completely made up. Be sure to fully discuss the negotiation process by exploring the stakeholders in the negotiation, their respective plans for achieving their goals, the types of power involved for each party, and the ways in which these powers will be utilized in the party's plan to achieve their goal. Also, identify any potential conflicts that might arise between the negotiating parties and how these conflicts can either be resolved or avoided.

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The negotiation situation is that of the purchase of a plot of land 20 miles from the current location of our glass making factory. The negotiation directly took place between the company management and owner of the plot of land. The land was 57 acres and the price the owner asked was $20,000 an acre. The plot was close to a highway, and had utilities connected to it. The company was interested in getting the deal at the lowest possible price. The company negotiated that it wanted the plot for $13,000 an acre price.

The negotiation got into hot waters when the local community came to know of the deal and objected to the deal on the grounds that the setting up of factory would bring in pollution and disturbance. The local community was assured of jobs by a manager of our company and the plot owners. When our employees came to ...

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