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    Different Perspectives of Cross-Cultural Negotiations

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    Give an example of a cross-cultural negotiation event in which you have been involved or that you have read about in the news. Using either Hofstede's or Schwartz's work, discuss which perspectives the parties were most likely coming from and how that affected the negotiation process and the outcome.

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    Let us take the example of a cross cultural negotiation between an Indian and a US citizen.

    Let us consider this in the context of the Hofstede model. The main characteristics of the two societies are mentioned below:

    Power Distance:
    The score for India is 77, indicating a respect for hierarchy. The attitude towards the boss is formal and respectful. Communication is top down and feedback is not given upwards, in the hierarchy.
    United States with a low power distance of 40 has an informal relationship with superiors. The boss is accessible and not considered a superior in the real sense.

    India with a score of 48 is both collectivistic and individualistic. US has a score of 91, and ...

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