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Interdependent Variables in Collective Bargaining

What are five interdependent variables that affect what is accomplished at the bargaining table?

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Collective Bargaining (Defining Points)

Collective bargaining is a negotiation process between two or more parties with the primary purpose of reaching an agreement. Five defining points of bargaining or negotiating are purpose, risks, communication style, walk away point, and intended goal. There are many interdependent variables associated with bargaining, however, we will explore these five.

Interdependent Variables
The interdependent variables mentioned in this study starts with a need. Once the purpose is identified, the next step is to identify risk. It is important to know what will happen if the deal works in your favor or not. The communication style chosen or used during negotiations should be aimed at the walk away point and the intended goal. Consider this communication model.

(Communication Model)
1. Competition - You lose, I win
2. Collaboration - You win, I win
3. Avoidance - I lose, You lose
4. Accommodation - I lose, You win
5. ...

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