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    Conflict Management Styles

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    Conflict Management Styles
    ? Summarize conflict description, source identification, and interest analysis.
    ? Explain conflict characterization, levels of trust, and impediments to resolving the conflict.
    ? Assess negotiation styles, alternatives to negotiated agreements, and the impact of diversity issues.

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    Conflict Management Styles

    People are unique. Our varied personalities, socialization and culture have created in us particular patterns of behaviour influenced by our personalities and beliefs. They dictate how we confront and navigate our social realities at home, at work and in our communities. Just as personalities are unique, when conflicts arise in either environments we also take on certain approaches or 'styles' as is referred in general. The styles we take on are influenced by the kind of conflict we are confronted by, our experience towards dealing with them, the outcome we wish to achieve and of course our individual beliefs, philosophies and personalities. Although there is an individual uniqueness to how people handle conflict, certain stereotypes have been identified according to the nature of the conflict and the resolution desired. We know them as 'Conflict Management Styles'. We all have our own preferred ways of dealing with conflict and they have become part of our pattern of behaviour. Managers, executives, industry leaders and politicians need to handle conflict well as part of the demands of their jobs; conflict management is a crucial skill in a leader.

    There on the general 5 known Conflict Management Styles. Experts still debate on their actual number and definitions. For the purpose ...

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    The solution is an APA-format essay that explains what conflict management is about & presents 5 different conflict management styles, describing and explaining the type of conflict, levels of trust necessary as well as the applicability of a particular style to certain situations. Negotiation styles, alternatives and concerns in relation to diversity is also discussed. References are provided.